About Style For Good Programme

About Style For Good Programme

Our Style For Good Programme sponsors business training for sexual violence survivors. By teaching basic entrepreneurship skills, survivors can find a pathway to financial stability and avoid the common path of entering the sex work industry due to lack of options. 

Our co-founder, Maggie Barton, put our strategy in these terms, "At CuffedUp, we give back in a way that doesn't just help one survivor. But her children, and her children's children." 

How our program works:

Each month, we select one Cufflet style for the programme. Every purchase of that Cufflet sponsors one enrollment into a business training course provided by SPURstartup. These classes have been used by universities and community colleges and provide a foundation for survivors to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, like deciding if their ideas are viable and learning how to crowdsource funds to get started. 

Thank you so much for supporting CuffedUp. Your purchase not only supports us as a small family business, but women all across the U.S. 

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If you are interested in being a beneficiary of our give-back, please email maggie@cuffedup.com 



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