What Is The Cuff Roll And Why Does It Matter?

What Is The Cuff Roll And Why Does It Matter?

Welcome to CuffedUp — the creator of the one and only Cuff Roll. We, like many people, found ourselves struggling to pull off a clean looking rolled cuff without spending an inordinate amount time messing around in front of the mirror as we slowly destroyed the last six inches of our sleeves with crinkles and wrinkles. Even when we finally managed to get the folds, creases, and tucks settled in just the right way, we found them coming undone and leaving us looking sloppy and uncaring at inconvenient points throughout the day. We knew there had to be a better way. So, we came up with the Cuff Roll.

If you’re ready to stop feeling deflated over lackluster sleeve rolls, we encourage you to purchase the Cuff Roll today and see what a difference this incredible fashion tool can make in your personal and professional life.

What Is It?

The Cuff Roll from CuffedUp is a synthetic band that wraps around your forearm to provide a stop and tuck point for a sharp, clean sleeve roll. It comfortably slides up or down your arm to fit most body sizes well and features a textured grip logo to prevent your sleeve roll or cuff roll from shifting throughout the day.

Additionally, the Cuff Roll offers some simple, but intelligent features like contoured ends to help prevent corners from poking through your pristine roll job, and it also has a small notch in the ends to accommodate for the cuff buttons on your dress shirts, making sure that you can avoid the tell-tale lumps and bumps of a poor sleeve roll.


How Does It Work?

The real beauty of the Cuff Roll exists within its simplicity of use. Just pop the Cuff Roll over your shirt onto your arm and slide to the point you want your roll to be. Next, fold your shirt up over the Cuff Roll, and finally, tuck your shirt down into the Cuff Roll in any variety of styles to get a crisp, finished look that will leave you feeling confident that you look great.

So What?

What do you mean so what? We’ve all seen the people who sleeves look like they were rolled up by an inebriated toddler, and let’s face it — not even Hugh Jackman can pull off a sloppy roll like that.

The reality is that your outward appearance is going to be perceived as a direct reflection of the person you are inside. Sloppy sleeve rolls signal apathy, low self-confidence, and a general lack of care. Employers, significant others, and even your friends who are counting on your wingman skills are going to be underwhelmed.

Try The Cuff Roll From CuffedUp For Yourself

Don’t let yourself be counted among the countless sleeve rollers who aren’t getting the job done and wasting their efforts on the rest of their outfit. Make the choice to have impeccable, tight-rolled sleeves that draw the right kind of attention. Order your Cuff Roll online today and see the difference that looking great makes.

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