Cuff Roll Tutorial: Jackets, Blazers, Suits

rolled up sleeves on a sports coat

For many people, a jacket or blazer is not much more than a coat. To the fashion savvy, it's another opportunity to show off your style and get the perfect look for the office, a date, or a night out with friends.

CuffedUp works great on jackets and blazers, for when you want to roll your sleeves for a little something extra. This tutorial will show you two ways to use the Cuff Roll to style your jackets' sleeves. 

PSST! Make sure you have a pair of cuff rolls to polish the look and get a crisp roll every time. You can order your pair of CuffedUp Cuff Rolls here!

For a rolled sleeve look that kills, follow these steps...

1. Pop the Cuff Roll closed between your forearm and wrist.
how to roll up sleeves on sports coat

2. Pull your sleeve up over the Cuff Roll so it sits at the bottom of the fold.

how to roll up sleeves on sports coat

4. Tuck fabric into the Cuff Roll.                                    how to roll up sleeves on sports coat

5. Slide the finished cuff upward on your arm if you want a bunched look.
how to roll up sleeves on sports coat


To shorten your sleeve...

If you just want to cuff one time and not fully roll the sleeve, follow the instructions in the video below! 


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  • Margaret

    Great tutorial…this looks easy to do…but the free code disappeared too fast….I missed it…

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