The Product & How It Works

Our favorite question. A Cuff Roll™ is a handy tool that keeps your cuffs up, styled, and secure all day. It’s great for problem shirts with cuffs that never hold up. You can also use it as a styling tool to get different cuffed looks, and even as a substitute for pricey tailoring! Whether you want a tailored, crisp cuff or a style that’s a bit more rugged, the Cuff Roll™ works. Check out our How It Works page to see it in action and learn different ways to cuff it.

The Cuff Roll™ is just as fun to use as your childhood slap bracelet, but it’s not the same thing. We made some important design changes to make the Cuff Roll™ work comfortably. A slap bracelet won’t work because it’s too weak to hold fabric and not designed to be worn higher on your arm. In other words, slap bracelets will pop off or damage your shirt.

Great question! Our founders only used their toughest problem shirts to test and design the product. As long as the shirt has long sleeves and enough fabric to roll upwards, it will work.

Abso-cuffing-lutly! That’s why our founders worked so hard to perfect the design. It works with jackets, sweaters, dresses, and even some pants :) Check out the How It Works page for inspiration and to see it in action.

After applying the Cuff Roll™ to your arm, you can adjust the fit by sliding it up and down your arm. If it feels to big, slide the Cuff Roll™ upwards towards your elbow. If it feels too small, slide the Cuff Roll™ downwards toward your wrist.

If the Cuff Roll™ pops off your arm, it means it’s not placed correctly. Apply the Cuff Roll™ lower on your arm, towards your wrist, to prevent it from popping off.

No. Do not put your Cuff Rolls™ into a washing machine or dryer. To clean, we suggest gently wiping down with a damp cloth.

There are two Cuff Rolls™ in each package.

The Cuff Roll™ is made out of silicone and steel. It is latex-free.

The Cuff Roll™ is 24.5 centimeters long, an optimal length to fit most people’s forearms or wrists.

While no one will see that you are wearing our Cuff Roll™, it’s best to wear the white Cuff Roll™ with lighter shirts and the black Cuff Roll™ with darker shirts, just in case the material of your shirt is a little sheer. There’s also a fun way to style the Cuff Roll™ where you can see it, called the “Surprise” roll. Click here to visit our How It Works page for styling information.

Right now, we only carry one size that fits most. There are ways to adjust the size once the Cuff Roll is applied to your arm. See the How It Works page for more information. We plan to roll out more specialty sizes in the near future!

Click here to watch a video about sizing. Adjust sizing by applying the Cuff Roll™ and sliding it  up and down your arm. If your Cuff Roll™ feels too small, slide it downwards toward your wrists. If your Cuff Roll™ feels too large, slide it upwards toward your elbow. Our Original Cuff Roll™ is designed to fit most, but we know it can’t fit all. If you still aren’t happy with the fit, you may return the product within 30 days of purchase. Click here to see our return policy.

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