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Keep your sleeves rolled and crisp all day! Feel instantly put together in seconds. It's style, simplified.

“Timeless. A necessary accessory to your everyday life.”

FOSSIL Fmr. Senior Design Director -Arezoo K.

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See three totally different ways to use CuffedUp in our live segment on Good Morning Texas! Our favorite: The bell sleeve transformation.


megan got rolled up sleeves
Truly such a beyond genius product. I use mine all the time. Everyone needs to buy these and have a pair on hand for work, date nights, interviews, etc.

– Megan Y. Oklahoma City, OK

What a simple idea... that is actually a necessity. Do yourself a favor and get one of these! You won't be disappointed.

– Michael M. Dallas, TX

Engineered to Be Weightless.

Non-slip silicone covers an ultra-thin steel core that is strong enough to hold denim, but feels as light as silk.

best way to roll up sleeves

As Seen On

"Invention[s] You Didn't Know You Needed!"

- D Magazine


Silk Blouses

The shirt that inspired it all. Silk is a rolled sleeve's worst enemy… until now.


Yep, even dresses can be transformed in seconds. If it has sleeves, it can be cuffed.

rolled up sleeves on a shorts coat

Sports Coat

The latest cuffing trend. Style your jacket, show off fun linings or simply save money on pricey tailoring.

How the Cuff Roll Works

how to roll up sleeves step 1 is pop


Pop the Cuff Roll closed where you want your cuff to sit on your arm. The pattern-side faces down.

how to roll up sleeves step 2 is fold


Fold sleeve up and over so the Cuff Roll sits on the bottom of the fold.

how to roll up sleeves step is 3 tuck


Tuck fabric under the Cuff Roll to style the cuff. Squeeze for extra comfort.

Button Downs

Classic effortless style becomes actually effortless. Bonus superpower: Take jackets on and off without your sleeves coming undone.

Denim Jackets

Create a bold style that's as unique as you are. Even better? It holds.

Get shorter sleeves without pricey tailoring

rolled up sleeves to make shorted sleeves
rolled up sleeves on a dress shirt

Great for chefs, bartenders, or anyone else who likes to roll up their sleeves and get their hands a little dirty 😉

chef without rolled sleeves

Without CuffedUp

chef with rolled sleeves

With CuffedUp

The Cuff Roll Comes in Black & White

You can pair with sheer materials with confidence it won’t show through your clothes.

the best tool for rolling up sleeves

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