How Salmon Skin became a secret weapon for our Cufflets

Something's Fishy...

CuffedUp Cuffs Salmon Skin Sustainable Bracelet and CuffletWhen it came to making our Cufflets, we needed to find the thinnest types of materials that also grip onto your shirts (no slippage, please!). To our surprise, we discovered that Salmon Skin was an incredible option for both its beauty, functionality, and sustainability. Salmon skin is flexible, durable, and gorgeous. Perfect for use on your sleeves or worn as a luxury bracelet. 



Some super-cool salmon skin properties...

  • Eco-friendly
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Repels water
  • Weighs less than leather
  • Thinner than leather
  • Doesn't need polishing or upkeep treatments 
  • Textured- ideal for gripping fabric & keeping cuffs in place ;)
 CuffedUp Cuffs Salmon Skin Sustainable Bracelet and Cufflet

Above: Pink Salmon (Left) & Iridescent Salmon (Right)

Salmon is shockingly strong once it's been properly dried & treated. It has a unique 3-dimensional texture with cross fibers in the skin. This makes it stronger and more flexible than leather, which has fibers that only go in one direction. 

     What makes it so eco-friendly?

    Salmon skin leather is made by re purposing a by-product of the commercial salmon industry. In the past, the skin was discarded. Now that we are finding new uses for it, we can salvage what would've been thrown out as waste. As a bonus, many studies cite that harvesting & farming salmon is more eco-friendly than cattle. All of our Cufflets are hand-sewn in Colorado. 

    Style Options

    Each style is extremely limited . In some colors we may only have one or two pairs left!  If you don't think you'll use them on your sleeves, we highly suggest trying them as a bracelet. They are so lightweight you'll forget you're wearing them and trust us, you'll get comments from onlookers who want in this new trend.

    Iridescent Salmon Skin

    This best-seller is stunning in person. It has an iridescent hue that creates a shimmery green with a purple undertone. Click here to shop this color!

    CuffedUp Cuffs Cufflet in Salmon Skin Sustainable Bracelet


    Matte Yellow

    This skin is treated to be matte (no shine!). It's a sporty yellow that goes with just about everything. Click here to shop this color. 

    CuffedUp Cuffs Cufflets Salmon Skin Sustainable Bracelet  

    Pretty in Pink 

    Classic pink for the girly girls. Super shiny & eye catching. Different shades of pink emerge depending on lighting. Click here to shop this color! 

    CuffedUp Cuffs Cufflet Salmon Skin Sustainable Bracelet


    Summer Orange 

    We only have one pair of these- so they are not listed online! Please email if you would like this color. 

    CuffedUp Cuffs Cufflet Salmon Skin Sustainable Bracelet


    And there you have it... we're crazy for salmon right now. The perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe for Spring this year. We hope you give them a try! Click here to shop all cufflets. 


    CuffedUp Cuffs Salmon Skin Sustainable Bracelet and Cufflet

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