CuffedUp VS Rubberbands

CuffedUp VS Rubberbands

Since the very beginning of our journey, our goal has been to create a styling tool that is both fashionable AND functional. We spent thousands of dollars and months on perfecting a tool that could keep sleeves rolled, up in place and looking crisp all day. 

We wanted to provide an alternative to permanently altering clothes, paying for a tailor, or finicky fixeslike rubber bands. Don’t get us wrong, using rubber bands to keep sleeves up is resourceful and cost effective. It’s one of the reasons we chose to use silicon on our Cuffs because it helps keep fabric in place (along with some other great design integrations)!

Let’s take a look at side-by-side comparisons of CuffedUp (CU, left side) vs. rubber bands (RB, right side). 

  1. Shape
    denim shirt
    CU provides an approximately 1 inch band that makes a roll look crisp and flat. A RB is generally a half a centimeter or less thick which can cause the roll to get easy misshapen within a few reaches and arm raises. 

  2. Tension 
    Blazer rolled
    To hold a thick fabric like a blazer’s sleeves up, you need a firm grip. CU provides the perfect amount of pressure to keep your sleeves up without gripping too hard on your arm. It’s much harder to find the perfect size RB that can give you the hold you need without being too tight, cutting circulation, or leaving a mark when you take it off. By the way, from the short time our model wore RBs for these pictures, they did leave a mark!

  3. Gentleness
    Silk sleevesAgain, the materials used for CU are very crucial. We found that the silicon provides the necessary grip for clothes without being too harsh on fabrics. RBs can be super sticky and taking them off can require rough unrolling and pulling which is harsh on fabrics like silk or fuzzy sweaters. 
We put a lot of thought into designing CuffedUp Cuffs. Our purpose was to main a durable tool that was made to treat your clothing right, as you should. The better we take care of our clothes, the less clothes waste and money waste we can avoid. Are you ready to get Cuffed?

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