How to #GetCuffed (Do’s & Don’ts)

So you got your cuffs, opened 'em up, and now may be thinking, "what the cuff do I do now?" Learning how to use CuffedUp is easy, but it takes a few minutes to know the basics. Here's a slow walkthrough from our co-founder, Maggie..


To break it down further, watch this 40 second video or follow the steps (with photos!) below.


Step 1: Pop it closed! Pattern side down. 

CuffedUp logo grips your shirt so it stays rolled all day without feeling tight.

Tip: Always apply to your forearm and give yourself 4 inches of fabric.  

Applying CuffedUp too low doesn't give you enough fabric to roll your sleeves

Always apply CuffedUp to your forearm for a perfect rolled sleeve look that stays

Keep sleeves rolled by applying CuffedUp to your forearm

Tip: Center CuffedUp so it stays hidden.

Step 2: Fold fabric up and over, so CuffedUp sits at the bottom of the fold. 

Never roll your sleeves again. Tuck your way to the perfect Cuff.

Step 3: Tuck the ends first to secure CuffedUp, then work your way to the middle.

Step 4: Slide up or down for sizing. 

CuffedUp is one size fits most. You may need to play around with it to see where it fits best on your arm. It is okay for the cuffs to overlap or have up to a 4 inch gap between them. Here's how to adjust if it feels too loose or too snug. 

Tip: How to take CuffedUp off.

Simply unfold the sleeve and pull down. (Basically the reverse of what you did to get it on!)

Unfold your rolled sleeve to take CuffedUp off your arm or leg.

Remember to remove it before putting it into a washer/dryer, or going through airport security.

To see more ways to #GetCuffed follow us on instagram @CuffedUpCuffs for weekly inspiration! Or check out our How It Works page for style videos! 



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