How to Use Cufflets

How to Use Cufflets

Our stylish Cufflets customize your shirts in a whole new way...

We launched this in April 2020, during the the Pandemic craze because we knew we had keep going and support our local economy. All covers are handmade in Dallas, TX and are sourced by local fabric shops. Cuff, yeah!

New to Cufflets? Here are the simple steps you should know...

CuffedUp Covers Customize CuffedUp Cuffs

Step 1:


Place your Cufflet underneath your wrist just above the seam of your shirt cuff. The raised logo side of the cuff always faces your skin. Pop it closed.

It is okay if your Cufflets overlaps some or if there is a small gap. If it is overlapping, just be sure to put the button side underneath the finished end. Like this


If the button side is face-up, it won't look as smooth.

Step 3: 

Gently fold down the sides of your shirt sleeve cuff. You may push up a little if you want it an inch or two higher. 


That's it! You're ready to rock your new Cufflets. Click here to shop! 


Snap a pic of your look and tag us, @cuffedupcuffs. We would love to feature your style! 

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