SLAP OUT OF IT! CuffedUp VS Slap Bracelets

SLAP OUT OF IT! CuffedUp VS Slap Bracelets

Ahh, the simple slap bracelet. A coveted 90’s toy that never quite made a comeback. It’s not surprising when someone sees CuffedUp they think it’s a slap bracelet. It is, howeverinaccurate. You can go ahead and try to use a slap bracelet to hold up your sleeves (we won't stop you), but you might be disappointed.

To save you the trouble, watch this video to see the comparisons in action (even on live TV!).  😏

 Here's exactly how we are different:

  1. In this case, size matters...
  2. Some things are just made for kids. We are not one of them!
  3. It fits JUST right.
  4. Fun and FUNctional!

The truth is: we wish slap bracelets would’ve worked! If they did, we wouldn’t have put up thousands of dollars and dedicate months of our lives to start a company as newlyweds (yikes!). 

In the last couple years we have found ourselves harassing asking strangers if we could measure their forearms for ‘science’, cutting up and testing slap bracelets on a Saturday night, and being side-eyed by sales associates while we unfolded every shirt in the store to measure the cuff length. 

But through our research and TONS of prototypes we realized: we might be onto something. So many people have fallen in love with what CuffedUp does for their closet and personal style.

In designing the Cuffs, we kept in mind how to make this accessible to most arm sizes, finding the right material for all types of fabrics, and how much functionality we could get out it. We think we did a pretty good job, but try one and you tell us! 

Here are a few words from real customers trying CuffedUp:

Thousands of customers have gotten CuffedUp and fixed their sloppy sleeves once and for all. Will you be next? Click here to shop now! If you don't like it, we operate under a 100% guarantee policy, so just let us know. 🤗


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