Save your sleeves, save your life! Loose clothing a top cause of deadly Thanksgiving cooking fires.

Save your sleeves, save your life! Loose clothing a top cause of deadly Thanksgiving cooking fires.

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, followed by Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.  According to the National Fire Protection Association…

  • One out of every five cooking fires that began with clothing resulted in a death. 
  • 15% of all home cooking fire deaths are caused by loose clothing. 
Keep sleeves tightly rolled & cuffed to stay safe while cooking this holiday.

    I actually had to go back and read those numbers again. Loose clothing can literally be a deadly mistake. As cute as I know your Turkey Day outfit is... loose clothing is a MAJOR hazard in the kitchen and super dangerous.

    Like as in “there’s a 20% chance of death when a fire starts from clothing” dangerous.

    Most fire departments will recommend you tightly cuffs your sleeves to keep them from dipping in a flame or snagging in the oven. In addition to getting CuffedUp & saving your sleeves from the wrath of your burner, here’s a few top kitchen safety tips…

      1. Cuff your sleeves using something that will not fail you! Use something that will not only keep extra fabric from dangling, but also will keep your sleeves pushed up on your arms and safely out of the way. CuffedUp is perfect for this so if you’re still in need of a pair, click here. 
      2. Clear the kitchen. A crowded kitchen can turn into a dangerous one! Make sure everyone has plenty of room. When preparing food, a good rule of thumb is that if you don’t have a role in the kitchen… get out! (Ok feel free to use this on your in laws, you’re welcome). 
      3. Delegate. Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities. Otherwise, you might leave something in the oven or on the stovetop for too long. 
      4. Set an alarm on your phone at night to check your burners. Everyone has forgotten to turn their stove or oven off at some point. Maybe it’s because you had some other crisis to attend to (like a screaming baby or wine spill). Maybe it’s simply because you indulged in a few too many holiday ‘spirits’. Either way- setting an alarm to check that everything is closed down properly will help you keep a peace of mind. 
      5. Declutter counters from holiday decorations. We know you want to spread the holiday cheer, but leave it off the counter! Decorations close to cooking appliances are a major fire hazard. 
      6. Keep sleeves pushed up. Long sleeves also are more likely to catch on pot handles overturning pots and pans causing scald burns. After applying CuffedUp, simply push it higher on your arm to keep if from snagging! 

    We want you to have a fun, safe, and memorable Thanksgiving! Remember that safety comes first & to dress for the job! Keep a few extra sets of CuffedUp close by for your guests (I mean, eh hem, sous chefs) who may not come as prepared! 

    If you want to learn more tips about kitchen safety, click here! The National Fire Protection Association has some great resources. 

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