Cuff Roll Tutorial: The Pop-Over Style

Ready to learn more about getting the sharpest rolled sleeves in town? CuffedUp, the creator of the Cuff Roll, is here to help with another tutorial on using the Cuff Roll to get the sleeve styles of your dreams.

The pop-over technique is easily the best way to use the Cuff Roll to transform your shirt. It creates texture, depth, and contrast to your sleeves.  This sleeve style adds uniqueness to a classic look.


Upgrade rolled sleeves with the CuffedUp Pop-Over technique!

It is impossible to get this sleeve style with folding alone. In the past, you had to use rubber bands or safety pins — not comfortable or good for your clothes! Thankfully, with CuffedUp, you have an extra trick up your sleeve to pull it off :) 

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to get the look

Even better, this sleeve style trick works when you want to shorten your sleeves, but you don’t want to roll them up and hide the cuff. Check out this video, where I use the popover technique to shorten my sleeves without hiding the fun, flared cuff.


This technique is a little more complex than the others. But with a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time. Here's a step-by-step guide...

Step 1. Pop the Cuff Roll on your forearm.

Pop the Cuff Roll closed

Step 2. Fold your sleeve up and over, so the Cuff Roll sits at the bottom of the fold.

Fold your sleeve upwards

Step 3. Tuck the fabric partially in. Leave at least 2 inches of fabric untucked. Be sure to tuck all the way around the arm so the Cuff Roll will stay hidden and secure.

Tuck fabric into the Cuff Roll

At this point, your sleeve should look like this...

Psst! You can wear CuffedUp like this for a classic look

Step 4. Fold extra fabric over the Cuff Roll.

CuffedUp Pop-Over complete!

>> We’d love to share your best #CuffedUp pics! Post a picture of you rocking the pop-over or your other favorite sleeve styles and tag us @cuffedupcuffs.

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