Style Tip: Wear Skirts As Tops

Style Tip: Wear Skirts As Tops

I have a few bones to pick with the sustainable fashion movement... While I’m thrilled that consumers are more aware of just how wasteful fast fashion really is, it seems like the only solutions we hear about is to buy more sustainably made clothes.

Why is that a problem? Because brands are using sustainability as a reason to produce more clothes & market them as sustainable. 

What sustainability means to us:

We believe in purchasing less textiles and instead trying to repurpose what you have in your closet already. That’s our promise- and we will continue to launch products that give you more versatility in your closet.

Our favorite feature about CuffedUp is that it gives you tons of new ways to style what you already have. Like turning a bell sleeve into a fitted one! 

We also want to show you new ways to think about what you already own. I made this tutorial on turning skirts into tops to inspire you to get a fresh look without having to go shop. Let me know what you think!! 


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