Theme for this month: Balance

Theme for this month: Balance

This year, we are going to dedicate ourselves to a theme each month. This theme will align with not only how we are feeling internally, but also with what’s happening in the fashion world around us. The word for this month? Balance.

If you’re just getting familiar with our brand, you’ll come to learn we really care about two things..

  1. Making it easier for you to get ready and feel confident in your clothes
  2. Building a better, more sustainable world of fashion for the future

If you can come up with new ways to wear what’s in your closet, not only will you need to shop less, you’ll also throw out less clothing. 

The impact? It’s larger than you think. 


CuffedUp isn't able to stop wasteful clothing from being made in the first place, but we have saved a shirt (or two) from being thrown out of their owner's closets. Take it from our customers!

CuffedUp can save a shirt you would’ve once thrown out by giving it new life, helping it fit better, and letting you create something new using what you already have. 

But our work is just beginning. Our world is dangerously out of balance. And the fashion industry is a major culprit. 

The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world (#1 being oil). 

This year, we’re prepared to bring you tons of easy tips to slowly make your closet more eco-friendly. Most of our tips will be about how to maximize the life expectancy of your clothes, get more versatility out of them, and how to care for them while reducing your environmental impact.  

Our focus for February is balancing a busy schedule while still finding simple ways to make your closet more sustainable. Moms, we’re looking at you! No one has to juggle more responsibilities than moms (especially if you’re working!).  

We’re pulling together some of our favorite wardrobe staples for working moms to kill it in the office when they’re constantly on call for diaper duty. So if you do have to go shop for something new, you’ll know it’s going to deliver a ton of value and wear. 

This blog post will continually be updated. So refer back to it for the latest tips we’re sharing on social! 



Maggie & Jon Barton

CuffedUp Founders

PS: Our own moms served as an inspiration to design CuffedUp. They were always the ones on holidays or special occasions that were rushing back and forth in the kitchen, usually wearing their nicest clothes!! And of course, the sleeves were the first thing to get wrecked (usually from falling into the sink washing dishes). Thank you moms for teaching us what it really looks like to have balance in our lives and for encouraging us to chase after our dreams.

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