[Video] Tips to Look Thin in Chunky Sweaters

We love wearing cozy clothes this time of year. Not much is better than curling up in a soft sweater, hot chocolate in hand, & flipping on your fave movie. 

What we don't love about winter style? The marshmallow effect- you know, when you walk around looking a little more... circular than usual. Big comfy clothes can drown you out and make you look much bigger than you really are. 

The good news is that you can balance this out to lighten up the look. Counteract the fluff by making these minor tweaks to your sweater... 

1. Push up to show your wrist. The wrist is the smallest part of your body. By just showing a few extra inches, you can create a more delicate silhouette. (P.S: if you have a heavy/thick fabric, the sleeves will slide down all day. Keep them in place with CuffedUp!)

2. Show a shoulder. Pull your sweater to one side to show off your collar bone. 

3. Wear your hair up. A baggy sweater will bulk up your shoulders. Pulling hair up gives the illusion of a longer neckline and generally lightens up a heavy look.

4. Front tuck. Tuck the front of your sweater into the side of your pants. This will show a smaller waistline. 


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