Why We Started CuffedUp

rolled up sleeves at a desk

We know you care about the details in the way you look. You take the time to tuck in your shirt, select the right belt, and apply all of the finishing touches that make you… well, you. You work hard at looking good- and society thanks you for your nice-to-look-at Instagram feed... but here’s the hard truth, your rolled sleeves and cuffs look terrible, and they’re sabotaging your entire look.  

Let me tell you a little story about us, two fashion-savvy professionals who set out to solve the most over-looked fashion faux pas ever, the floppy cuffed sleeve. *cue dramatic music.*

After shelling out hundreds of dollars on button-down shirts, we were disappointed. Our nicest, silkiest, most luxurious shirts bummed us out all day as we pushed up, tucked, folded, and messed with our cuffs in an effort to create a rolled sleeve that held AND looked great. Once we noticed just how annoying this problem was, we couldn’t escape it.

Then, the real paranoia kicked in. Everywhere we went, we saw cuffing disasters. Bars, restaurants, boardrooms- it’s a cuffing epidemic!

Men who had invested serious cash and time into their look were stuck with floppy style sleeves that made them look unkempt, scrawny, and honestly... a little clueless. I mean, let’s be honest here — no man does their body justice in sloppy, floppy clothes.

Women were faced with an entirely different hurdle: impossible to roll fabrics. With limited brand choices for professional women, they were stuck with slick fabrics that won’t hold up, stay rolled, or be functional. 

The models always look great with cuffed sleeves and rolled up pants, rocking looks that somehow look tailored but also like they don’t give a cuff at the same time. But for us regular folks? We’re stuck with baggy messes and unpolished looks.

Why is that? Well, we did a little digging and discovered the ridiculous efforts stylists go through to get those looks. Everything from using rubber bands, pins, glue, or even permanently sewing the cuff shut. 

It was all one big cuffing lie. And we were tired of being played.

We created Cuffed Up — a company that creates incredible too-good-to-be-true products that keep your rolled sleeves cuffed, styled, and hassle-free all day long. We take away the limits that bad design and tough fabrics add to your personal sleeve style and equip you with a super-easy, comfortable way to look as good as you feel.

Our first product, the Cuff Roll, is guaranteed to keep even the toughest fabrics rolled and give you the polished look your that best shirts deserve. This goes way beyond just rolling your sleeves. The Cuff Roll opens up a whole new way to style your clothes. Most importantly, the Cuff Roll lets you get your money’s worth out of your wardrobe. Tough-to-wear shirts (you know, the ones taunting you from the dark corner of your closet) become easily mastered. And yes, fellow klutzes and accident-prone people rejoice — your sleeves won’t get dragged into the spaghetti sauce on date night.

 Your shirts will last longer, stay cleaner, and look better.

 And who doesn’t cuffing love that?

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