3 Reasons You Won’t Regret Dressing Cute For Your Living room

3 Reasons You Won’t Regret Dressing Cute For Your Living room

We all know that this lockdown is by all means not the best situation. For those who have had to switch to working from home, this is a check in. How are ya feeling? We hope it’s rested, healthy, and staying positive! 

Now let’s be real, how many bottles of wine have you downed by now? 🙋‍♀️🍷 As the days start to melt together into one massive time blob, we notice the side effects of overhauling our old routines. If you are feeling groggy, stuck, and hopeless, it’s because your mind is transitioning into a new normaland maintaining a good energy is essential when you’re stuck in the same spaces for days on end…

Our biggest tip as a business who has operated remote since we were founded over a year age: Get dressed for "work" every day. 

Here are 3 reasons why dressing up everyday will soon be a no-brainer for you:

It switches your brain into “work mode”
Dedicating time to get ready every morning turns on a switch in your head that says, it’s time to “go to work”. Even if it’s as simple as styling up a cozy sweater to fight the frump,  setting this mindset will help you stay focused and resist the temptation to squeeze in a few Netflix shows or scroll on your phone. 

It increases productivity
When you put on active wear to work out, you get that burst of energy that says, “I’m ready to knock out this workout”. It functions for your workout because the clothes allow you to do the motions and let your skin breath.
The same goes for changing into working clothes. We don’t mean to go full-on suit mode, but try something that will function to better stretch that brain of yours. Even if it’s going from your PJs to another equally comfy outfit. The physical change will help your brain stay motivated. 

It will make relaxing worth it
Go about your day, and when it’s time to wind down or go to bed, physically changing into your PJs will signal to your brain that it is time to relax. It’s important to transition your mind from ‘work’ mode to home.

Creating structure in your routine during this quarantine is a small way to help your mind and body adjust. 

If you need a little helping hand, our Cuffs can turn a baggy long sleeve shirt into a chic wardrobe staple. Just a few seconds of styling can make a huge difference in how you feel!

(Cuffs + Covers to jazz up a plain shirt. It's all in the details 😉)

At CuffedUp, we love fashion for the way it makes us feel. When you’re stuck at home, the last thing you may want to do is get dressed. But you may be surprised with how a simple task can set your day on the right path whether you are getting your 8 hours in or doing chores around the house.


Check out our team's WFH outfits for inpso! 


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