How to Not Hate Closet-Cleaning!

How to Not Hate Closet-Cleaning!

Give your closet some love! How to not hate Spring cleaning your closet.

Is your Spring feeling easy-breezy or is it still chilly where you are? If your city is anything like where we are headquartered (Dallas, TX) you might still be on the lookout for the next random cold front… 

Nevertheless, we want to share out tips on how to transition your closet from Winter to Spring! For some, looking at a full closet can be daunting. Here’s how to make a closet refresh fun AND practical (hmm kind of reminds us of a nifty little product 😏 )

  1. Set aside the right amount of time
    Get in the mindset that this will take time, but it’s so worth it! This is time you are setting aside for YOU to make your space more functional, mind more clear, and get rid of the things that no longer spark joy
    So what are we looking at? Half day project or a multiple day project? Either way, cuff your sleeves to keep them up all day and get in there! 
  2. Make a Game plan 
    You'll thank us when you inevitably get distracted by a memento that has resurfaced from years ago. Are you clearing out everything for a fresh start, reorganizing, or just tidying up? Here are ways to organize your closet:
      1. By color
      2. By sleeve/pant length
      3. By how frequently you wear them
  3. Give the Donate Pile Extra Thought
    Before you part ways with something forever, check out how CuffedUp can turn shirts, jackets, and pants in multiple unique and refreshing styles! Knowing what to do with your clothes teaches you how make it stretch longer and give you a more space-efficient and sustainable closet. 
  4. Make it Fun 🥂
    Find the perfect playlist to jam to while you get in the zone. Make a game out of it and celebrate milestones. For example, taking all your clothes out, folding all your sweaters, or deciding which pants to keep vs donate. To celebrate: take a shot! Kidding…unless? 
  5. Decorate! Yes, decorate you closet.
    Closets don’t have to be just for clothes. When you step in your closet to get ready, it is setting the tone for your day. Let it be a good one! Hang a picture on the wall, add a little shelf, or clear some space on your dresser for things that make you smile. Make the closet a safe space so you feel confident each time you go in and out.

Don’t forget, you define how your clothes make you feel, not the other way around. We believe the perfect closet is one that gives you versatility with a sprinkle of statement pieces that make you super happy and confident! Happy cleaning. 

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