5 Ways to Re-purpose Things In Your Closet

5 Ways to Re-purpose Things In Your Closet

5 ways to re-purpose things you have in your closet 


Running out of things to do in your house? Have you tackled your closet, yet? If that’s next on your list, keep these in mind these things you can repurpose before you put them in the donate pile! 


  1. Turning an old scarf into an accent to a handbag. Cut old silky or light scarfs into a square and follow this tutorial by Girl Meets Glam.

  2. Wearing skirt as top. Check out how our founder, Maggie, styles her’s.

  3. Turn old tees into grocery bags. No-sew DIY steps here.

  4. Bleach pattern jeans. Works on jean shorts too! Check out a video tutorial by Bria Jones.

    (Have fun with patterns!)
  5. Scrunchies or hair scarf. If you love the pattern of an old blouse but don’t feel comfortable wearing it anymore, turn it into an accessory in just a few minutes and a sewing machine.

    5 ways to wear hair scarfs   


Here's to a greener closet. Tag us if you try any of these out! Bonus points of you style your new look with CuffedUp. ;)

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